5k gil


🔥 Phoenix Fire 🔥

A handpicked Phoenix Nights favourite made of Fireball whiskey, sambuca, and vodka, and garnished with a cinnamon stick wrapped in candied blood orange peel. This concoction is served with the top layer of sambuca lit aflame, giving guests a dazzling representation of the high-roller atmosphere of the casino.

🐸 Double Guy 🐸

An iconic Encore drink consisting of equal parts cointreau, dark creme de cacao, and a hefty hand of sweetened condensed milk, all mixed together like the unknown substances in Guy Guy's murky pond. Optional topping choices of a single chocolate frog, or tapioca tadpoles (boba). 

🐺Dog water 🐺

A raw and filthy drink that captures the dark, gritty atmosphere of NOIZ. All the spills and slips from the night collected into the bar catchmats, turned onto the corners and dripped into a single shot. Are you committed enough to neck this back?

🌌 Event Horizon 🌌

Vodka, blue curaçao, black raspberry liqueur, and lemon juice combined together in a black and enchanting cocktail taken up a notch with squid ink. An impossibly clear ice sphere floats in the centre, surrounded by a sugared rim with 50μg of LSD. Stare past the event horizon--and into the Singularity, if you dare.


500 gil

Special - Bricked Up Jello Shot (1k gil)
Standard - Vodka/Whiskey/Rum

Draft Beer

Wine (glass) - champagne/red/white/rosé



250 gil

Mineral Water

Apple Juice

Orange Juice